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Paid Ads
Optimisation: Lead Gen

What We Did:

  • Develop a creative strategy for Facebook & Instagram ads (from scratch)
  • Run a rigorous Ad creative testing process
  • Produce multiple UGC creatives based on target demographics
  • Optimise CPL below £25
  • Facebook page audience optimisation

The Results:

  • Consistent Lead Flow
  • Instant Revenue Growth
  • Brand Growth
  • Tutoring Company of the year award won


We started working with this brand in August of 2023. They were a new online tutoring company in the UK.

During our initial audit of this company we noticed a lot of ad creative issues ranging from; poor Ad-creative imagery, poor video quality, lack of marketing direction & lack of urgency in copywriting.

We also notice that their organic posting stratergy was aimed at the wrong demographics (students) when their true customers are parents.

Therefore our focus became Ad Creative strategy and design, followed by Facebook page post optimisation to steer the page back to the actual target demographic.

Creative Strategy

Our first aim was the creative strategy for the brand. We wanted to tie together the brand image into a series of creatives to test, based on any available learnings from their account and in-depth competitor research.

After an intensive competitor and market research analysis; including customer testimonials analysis to identify common pain points for our ads to address – we developed the creative strategy and set our graphic design team in motion.

The creatives we designed instantly resonated with our target demographic, generating a high level of engagement and producing over 150 leads in the first month with a lead cost of £15.


After the initial success of our Image and video graphic creatives, our team developed a UGC (user generated content) stratergy based on our competitor research and customer avatars.

We developed a UGC script, sourced 3 demographic matching creators and launched the resulting 3 UGC ads.

Again the Lead cost began to drop drastically and conversion rates continue to increase.

As of today the company has grown exponentially and won the Online Tutoring Company of the year in the UK.

Page Demographic Targeting

The organic posting stratergy employed by the company was mainly tailored to students, with study tips posts and exam preparation posts etc. Due to the fact these posts are targeted to students rather than their parents our ad creatives could not be fully optimised. 

To resolve this issue we created a new company page specifically for parents. We began running ads from the new parents page and adopted an organic post stratergy geared towards parents; including customer reviews, testimonials, student success stories, parent FAQs and so on.

The result was an instant 50% decrease in lead cost and a 20% increase in the conversion rates on the leads generated.

Page Demographic: before rebuild

Page Demographic: After rebuild


Running a in-depth analysis of competitors and more importantly customer’s needs and objections – is the foundation to successful marketing.

Having a creative strategy tailored to your brand and based on what your customers want to see, while addressing their pain points is vital to achieving profitable results in the Facebook & Instagram marketplace.

The importance of targeting the correct people on your Facebook and Instagram accounts is invaluable and extremely overlooked!

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