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The challenge:

  • Generate 50 leads per day, consistently
  • Reduce lead costs to a profitable level and keep them there
  • Provide stability in order for a sales team to grow

The Results:

  • Reduced lead cost by 88% in the first 9 months
  • Provided 70 leads per day for the past 2 years (ongoing)
  • Maintained a lead cost around £3
  • Enabled the company to grow their sales team from 2 people to 20 people
  • Outperformed every other competitor in the market on lead cost and quality by over 70%


We started working with this company in February of 2021. They’re a well known home security system provider in the UK. Their business model is monthly subscription based so naturally they needed leads, and lots of them, consistently.

On our initial audit of the company we found their Facebook ads setup in complete disarray, with unstructured campaigns, audience overlap and messy ad creatives. The client was seeing lead costs vary from £25 to £49 – and understandably tearing his hair out trying to make the business work.

We put together a creative strategy, using our in-depth competitor research and customer analysis process to guide our decisions.

The first challenge was to reduce the lead costs and provide consistent lead flow for the small sales team.

Account Simplification

While our graphic design team was busy on designing high converting creative assets, I set about simplifying the clients ad account.

Simply removing unnecessary campaigns, ad sets and audiences targeting options can make a world of difference and immediately did.

With the Ad account optimised and streamlined we launched our first testing campaigns.

Testing & Lead Cost Reduction

The most important aim for the client was to reduce the lead cost, as at the current price the business was not profitable.

Within the first 5 days of running our testing campaign we had seen a 30% decrease in lead cost, bringing the business into a cashflow positive position for the first time in months.

From here we continued to test variations on our creative and ad copy until we found a combination which resonated with their customers and provided a stable lead cost at around £6

Lead costs as of 2023

Lead costs as of 2023

Leveraging Data Earned

What allowed us to take the clients lead cost from a wildly profitable £6 per lead, to a market beating £3 per lead – Leveraging data we’d already paid for.

When going through the testing process on Facebook ads you are basically paying for data. You use that data to inform decisions moving forward and this allows you to improve results.

Once we have enough good data we feed this back into Facebook in the form of lookalike audiences, custom audiences and retargeting audiences.

After generating thousands of leads that convert, we had incredible data to feed back into Facebook to lower our lead cost even further, and the more we fed data back in the lower the lead cost and the more data we have…. etc.

We hit £3 per lead for this client in November of 2021 – just 10 months after we started working with them. Their lead cost has been the same ever since. 

We produce around 70 leads every day for their sales team of 20 people.


The conclusions we can draw from this case study are that simplification of your account structure will improve your results and reduce audience overlap and wasted spend.

Creative testing is vital in conjunction with analysis of your audiences wants and pain points. The result of this process led us to a creative format we would never have imagined works.

Finally, leveraging the data you are paying for will take your results to the next level, above all competition, providing your business with stability and longevity. 

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