Home Security E-Com Brand

£0 to £33k in 5 months

Paid Ads
Email Marketing
Optimisation: Sales

What We Did:

  • Develop a creative strategy for Facebook & Instagram ads (from scratch)
  • Build a series of automated email marketing flows (from scratch)

The Results:

  • Skyrocket Sales Revenue from £0 to Over £33k in 5 months.
  • Scaled business with huge profit margin
  • Consistent, revenue generating email funnels
  • Created an engaged customer base with 10% returning rate


We started working with this brand in July of 2021. They were a new e-commerce company in the home security industry.

During our initial audit of this company we noticed a lot of ad creative issues ranging from; poor Ad-creative imagery, poor video quality, lack of marketing direction, lack of urgency in copywriting & random discount offers with no real structure.

We also noted that the company has prospects visiting their website but no email marketing funnels set up to win them back.

Therefore our focus became Ad Creative strategy and design, followed by email funnel design & automation in order to capture abandoned carts and checkouts.

Creative Strategy

Our first aim was the creative strategy for the brand. We wanted to tie together the brand image into a series of creatives to test, based on any available learnings from their account and in-depth competitor research.

After an intensive competitor and market research analysis; including customer testimonials analysis to identify common pain points for our ads to address – we developed the creative strategy and set our graphic design team in motion.

The resulting creatives we developed along with the copywriting proved to be incredibly successful. 3 out of the 4 initial ads we tested were winners – allowing us to begin scaling rapidly.

Email Marketing

Our analysis showed that this brand’s abandon checkout rate was a staggering 88%. Even more criminal was the fact that they had no email marketing funnels in place to recapture this lost revenue.

We developed a 4 stage – automated email marketing funnel aimed at:

  • Growing customer loyalty
  • Recovering abandon carts & checkouts
  • Increasing customer lists for special offers
  • Rewarding repeat customers

The results of our automated email marketing funnels were huge! We managed to convert over 35% of abandoned checkouts – previously lost revenue. We were also able to generate a customer return rate of over 10% in the first 5 months alone!


Running a in-depth analysis of competitors and more importantly customer’s needs and objections – is the foundation to successful marketing.

Having a creative strategy tailored to your brand and based on what your customers want to see, while addressing their pain points is vital to achieving profitable results in the Facebook & Instagram marketplace.

The importance of having email funnels in place to automatically grow your business and re-capture potentially lost revenue is invaluable. As you scale your business, your email marketing sales scale with you, automatically!

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