Baby Niche E-Com Brand

200% Increase in Revenue

Paid Ads
Email Marketing
Optimisation: Sales

What We Did:

  • Develop a creative strategy for Facebook & Instagram ads (from scratch)
  • Build a series of automated email marketing flows (from scratch)
  • Design a bespoke branded collection of ad creatives
  • Launch a brand awareness and social growth campaign

The Results:

  • Steadily grew sales from €0 to €150k over a year.
  • Scaled business gradually allowing the client to develop an efficient sales process.
  • Consistent, revenue generating email funnels
  • Created an engaged customer base with an over 15% returning customer rate


We started working with this brand in January 2021. The company was in it’s first year and still working out some teething issues.

The company focused on selling baby products and therefore wanted to utilize Facebook & Instagram ads to achieve their income. However, they wanted to grow slowly to give them time to optimise the sales process and logistics of the business.

We worked closely with the business to understand their vision for the brand and developed a bespoke strategy, analysing competitors and industry leaders to inform our marketing roadmap to success.

Steady Growth - #Instagram:

Since the company was in it’s very early stages, slow and steady growth was vital.

We decided to use this slow and steady approach to build a true customer base for the brand. This would give us really good feedback, true engagement and a perfect grounding for the scaling later.

We identified Instagram as the main platform to target their customers and began to organically grow the page and brand, using some paid promotion to give us an early boost.

We grew the Instagram page from 0 to 8,000 followers within the first 5 months. Along the way we learned a lot about their customers and began making a steady flow of sales with a good returning customer rate.

Email Marketing:

As building a solid foundation was a huge part of this brand’s journey we implemented a series of email marketing flows.

We focused them on cart and checkout abandonment and of course customer rewards and retention.

They would also prove to add massive value down the line when we launched the paid ads campaigns.

Paid Social - Turning on the tap:

In late June of 2021 we turned on our first sales conversion campaigns.

We had already built an engaged Instagram following of some 12,000 people, generated over €30k in sales & allowed the brand to optimise their sales process.

With all the learnings we’d taken from the organic Instagram promotion we had a batch of creative ads perfectly suited to their customers.

The first campaigns boosted the monthly revenue from €5k to €10 instantly, for a modest ad spend.

Over the next few months we continued to scale the paid ads and boosted the monthly revenue past €12k.

The brand continues to scale to this day and has just opened a new distribution centre in the US.


This case study is a perfect example of how building strong foundations pays off long term.

Because the client wasn’t in a rush to ‘scale to the moon’, we were able to deliver extremely valuable assets which will stand the test of time.

Their Instagram account now generates an income from affiliate partnerships due to their high engagement & following.

Their customer base is invested, not only in the brand but the creator of the brand – giving her the opportunity to monetize outside of the products she sells currently.

The email funnels have provided a solid, automated process for customers to be nurtured in, which then feeds back into the business via, sales, reviews and customer retention.

Sometimes taking it easy really works.

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